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(Ecsedi Istvan es Agota , 2010.06.18 18:28)

Gratulalunk az ujjabb sikerhez. Nalunk megszult Rebi,ket gyonyoru kiskutyaja van.

saskachewan canada

(www//, 2010.05.28 05:09)

hello i came across your web-site and i love your dog's and your puppies i wish you success in your french bulldog adventures cheer's from canada jackie

(Carpe Diem Bulldog Kennel, 2010.05.02 12:17)

Gratulálunk a gyönyörű kiskutyákhoz :)

Katalin & Krisztián

(Ecsedi Istvan, 2010.04.19 16:30)

Szia Zalan!
Nagyszeru volt a szatmarnemeti kiallitas. Sok sikert, szep kutyakat! Istvan es Agota

(sid, 2010.02.03 06:14)

Greetings from republic of Maldives,thanks for your site,I ama fishing business man,I am looking for fish related friends.

(Renate Swoboda, 2010.01.21 13:18)

Hello from Austria,

you habe very nice Bullys. Good luck in the future.


Reante Swoboda and the "Birmchen from Goldberg" and Amber and Chanel my French Bulldogs

(Werner Reiter, 2009.12.01 17:08)

I came by chance on your beautiful page. Wish much success. Bye Werner!

(mohammed battai, 2009.08.09 23:28)

Het zijn mooie Honda.

(jolanda en aad, 2009.05.17 10:34)

I was surfing the web and lookt at your site its a nice site your dogs as well we whis you all the best for the future greetings jolanda and aad

(peter en lydia , 2009.04.07 16:08)

thanks for visit my website and writing in the guestbook you have nice frenchies
and a nice site good luck in the future
and if you dont mind i put your banner on my site many greetings from me and my wife and bullies

(Berry, 2009.04.02 22:20)

Thank you for visiting my website.

I have enjoyed visiting your website, you have beautifull bulldogs.

(De Franse Parels, 2009.03.18 18:50)

Thank you so much for your kind words in our guestbook.
You have great dogs :)
We wish you all the best in the future.
Sincerely Roos and Anita from the Netherlands.

(WINATY's French Bulldogs, 2009.03.15 18:39)


Love your website and Frenchies, good luck in the future.

Frenchiegreetings from the Netherlands, Nancy

(Marie-Louise Lindström, 2009.02.15 19:38)

It´s nice to see the result, the puppies is lovely.
I wish you all the best in future

Best regards from Marie-L inSweden

(Jacqui Webb (Australia), 2009.02.12 06:07)

You have beautiful dogs and puppies, we wish you every success with them.

(Cecilie, 2009.02.10 18:12)


Thank you for nice compliments. Love your dogs a lot, and lovely puppies!

Wish you the best.

Love Cecilie and the bullies.

P.S. I made link to your site from ours:-)